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The Mother in All of US

I am extremely lucky. I get to celebrate this Mother’s Day with my 91 yr. old mother. She looks more like 60 than 90 but thank goodness for good genes. I hope I have inherited them.

For many this is a difficult Hallmark holiday. Mom’s are gone, children are gone, some through a natural loss, some through a horrible illness, some through an emotional loss. Whatever – we were all someone’s child. Those of us who have had children were and are mothers – always. Sometimes it is better to say that we were lucky to have known and loved and lost than to have never had. Try to celebrate what once was, not mourn what is. As I said, yes, I am lucky and feel that I share the continuation of my mother with my childhood best buddies. We all grew up knowing and loving each other’s Moms. So Nancy, Janet, Janet, and Betsy, I share my Mom with you for yet another lucky year and so remember your Moms. To my friends or clients or colleagues who have lost a mother . . . or worse, a child, I ask you to look for love in the other corners of your life and know that you are still blessed.

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