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This has been a very difficult time for so many of us. My friends in the entertainment industry stood still for 5 months. Others are searching for jobs in arenas that are saturated. Some struggle with children getting them to understand that school is no longer an optional zoom experience where they can sneak and play video games. Uncertainty, a lack of financial security, a world of people blowing each other up, a shaky political spectrum, a fear of what’s next. . . sometimes it feels hard to give thanks to the year 2023 and inhale the possibilities of the future. You all know I am truthful to a fault and never whitewash our world. But, this Thursday, take a break. Think of five things that you are thankful for and breathe them in.

Among my five, I know that I am thankful for you allowing me to share in your journey, whether we are working now or before. You live in my head forever.

Wherever you are this day, know that you are not alone.

Susan Winston


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