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Not Another 2020

This is the time of year when I remind all of us that it is not celebratory for everyone. I am not sure it is celebratory for most. We are unable to be with our families,unable to have office holiday parties, unable to do what we regularly do. Yet, we have a unique opportunity to take that time that might have been spent in some sort of revelry and really dig deep - think about where we are and where we want to be. It is time to think of those alone - totally alone and who have been alone during this entire pandemic. It is time to think of those who usually spend without others and perhaps now understand how they feel.

Take the time to contact your long, lost friends and reconnect. We need our friends right now. We need our families. Call your loved ones - yes, even if you are not on great speaking terms.

Take the high road and allow them back into your heart.

Find the time to call someone who you know is always living alone and let them know someone cares and is thinking about them.

For those. Who have lost friends and family, the heart of the world goes out to you, be it due to the pandemic or other reasons.

But do take time to perhaps find something good that happened in this historical, and somewhat ugly 2020 and be stronger and better because of that.

I have what I referred to as the multi-flavored family where we traditionally celebrated Hanukkah, Christmas, Colombian Christmas (day before), Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa. - we leave no stone untouched. But this year it will be acknowledged through many, many zooms.

So whether you are lighting the Hanukkah or Kwanzaa candles, lighting up a Christmas Tree, getting ready to prepare, getting ready for the Year of the Ox, or watching Hallmark movies to allow for a good cry, please know that you are not alone and please keep the hope that our 2021 will bring relief to us all.

I usually end by wishing all a Happy Holiday. I care now that it is a Healthy Holiday.

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