How do you become of value in a world that is constantly changing, shifting, making so many of us unsteady on our feet, in our families, our relationships, our professions?  It’s a world that demands that you take a new look at your goals and expectations.  Together we will find your new comfort zone.  You will learn the art of re-energizing yourself.  You will locate skills you’ve left dormant.  You will strengthen your support systems and learn how to be a greater rock of support to others.  You will do things you’ve always wanted to do and remain a valuable contributor to your world.  SHIFT HAPPENS.  Come along for the ride.


As a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California and Massachusetts. I have extensive experience in treating depression, anxiety and panic attacks, family stressors, addiction and recovery, trauma, bipolar diagnosis, marital conflict, and more. 


I connect quickly with my patients to set goals for therapy and gain the needed tools for attaining those goals.  I have worked in multiple Los Angeles clinics, from those treating the truly needy to the tawny in-patient rehabilitation facilities.  There are few issues I have not treated. 


As a life-long student, I am up-to-date on the latest psychological treatments, homeopathic solutions, medications when needed, and tailor treatment to suit the individual.


I will help you...

Private Practice COUNSELING

In a comfortable almost secluded setting, individuals, couples, and families are seen and heard in a professional yet very personal atmosphere.


You help design a program of therapy that works for you and your time-schedule. You are empowered to come to your own rescue under the guidance of someone who not only knows what works, but who cares deeply.


This is not my profession.  It is my calling.


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