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EMPOWERMENT through one-on-one solutions-based therapy...

Susan Winston approaches her role as a psychotherapist with the same energy and creativity she has employed as an award-winning television producer and writer.  The careers have a lot in common; unique clients or production teams, often facing difficult-to-solve problems.  As a therapist and as a producer, Susan is a person of action.  In the television world she is responsible for solving the problems.  In a therapy session she helps her clients learn how to solve their own.

Her television career has featured programming on the big four networks, national syndication, key cable networks and new media.  Her credits include Executive Producer of national programs including Good Morning America and The CBS Morning News.  She earned an Emmy for her work on the Olympics.  She earned additional stripes for her role in producing hundreds of hours of specials and series including the Academy Awards, the two Royal Weddings, numerous live event productions and news broadcasts.  Susan now brings her ability to impact millions to a highly focused one-on-one solutions-based therapy.  

Susan Winston Diploma Pacifica GI


Comprehensive 3-year graduate program with focus on the Jungian approach to therapy.  

M.A., MFT (Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy)


Program in Co-occurring Disorders


B.A., English


Department of TV & Communications

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MCLA Psychiatric Medical Group

A community-based practice serving families, couples, and individuals.  Here, Susan employed one of her specialties -  that of working with adolescents.

Modern Psychoanalytic Center

A private therapy practice working with a diverse client base devoted to therapeutic processes that are best-suited to the individual, couple, or family unit.  Therapy was designed to offer alternative solutions, successful strategies, and corrective courses of action.

Prominence Treatment Center

In-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program designed in concert with a holistic approach to surviving and thriving.  Focus was not only on extensive individual therapy but psycho-educational, and in Susan’s case, memorable entertaining group sessions that did bring about behavioral change. 

The Saban Free Clinic

Formerly the Los Angeles Free Clinic:  Caseload providing mental health services to the homeless, jobless, and uninsured of all ages and ethnicities, servicing the Los Angeles community.

Friends of the Family Counseling Center

Counseling for individuals, couples, and children.  Worked with state mandated family units dealing in areas of abuse, abandonment, anger management, and lack of parenting skills.  Specialized in working with children of these disrupted families.

Twin Town Treatment Center for Addiction

Intensive outpatient counseling program for current drug and alcohol abusers and those who have attended in-patient treatment.  Most patients were mandated to the program for a year.  Counseling consisted of group therapy and individual counseling.  Ages 16 – 60 years old.

Phillips Graduate Institute Counseling Center

Formerly California Family Counseling Center:  A community-based program offering accessible and affordable services.  In addition to her work as a therapist, Susan participated in a program of dual diagnosis focused on addiction and recovery.

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Masters Thesis:  The Long and Winding Road: The Transracial Adoptee and Her Search for Individuation.

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