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Holiday Blues Plus a Time of Uncertainty

This is the season when not all of us can look forward to hearth and home. The fires don’t burn in every livingroom. The family is not always happily gathered if gathered at all. This is a time of year that many dread, with no one to turn to and now no sense of security. It is an even more stunning blow to so many that our world is a bit in disarray. We have endured one of the harshest Presidential campaigns in history and one of the most unexpected outcomes ever. All this dislocation is rattling the very emotional fabric of so many.

You are not alone. Yes, the holidays are tough enough, but take solace that we stand together as a nation of those unified for what is right and moral and that we will never compromise our values for anything less.

It is a sad comment to any female that a man could be elected who thinks so little of us to disparage us with “locker room” talk and think that is OK. It is a sad moment for all Americans to hear a person laugh in the face of laws that require us all to pay taxes. How “smart” he is for finding the loopholes. It is a very sad moment to find that his implied supremacy of the white male allows for the now rampant bullying and disparaging of so many in our communities. It is sad moment, but it is not an eternity.

No, I am not the kinder, gentler therapist and never have been. I am one who speaks the truth, always. I believe in beliefs. I believe in moral character. I believe in value systems worth valuing. And I bring all that to my clients and more. I bring the idea that anything worth having is worth fighting for. I am not calling for physical altercations, but bring voice . . . actually loud screams, to the causes that guarantee rights for all my brothers and sisters. We cannot fracture into race and religion and sexual biases. We are together. With this passion, I encourage all to know that you are not alone.

You are not alone in your November “surprise” nor are you alone in the a day of giving thanks. You live in a country where you can speak your mind and where you will be heard. Be noisy! You also live in communities where you can make a difference. Are you alone for the holiday? You don’t have to be. Try volunteering with a church or other establishment and help prepare a Thanksgiving meal for the homeless or for those too ill to leave their homes. Try giving back and realizing that no matter how sad or alone you might be, you are better off than most. I assume you are reading this on a computer so you are already heads and tails better off. Do something and be of value and prove that your values will always win out. Walk away from this holiday and feel better knowing you have done something for someone else.

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