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Therapy - the first step towards a new you.

From the first time you pick up a phone or send an email, you are jumping into the waves that will bring a shift into your life. The idea of "therapy" sounds scary and unknown. The experience should prove to be one of the most satisfying of your life. You will find in me a person with whom you can connect on the deepest levels. It is a relationship where there is no judgment. There is no fear of what you might say or how you might sound. You will find someone who can listen and really hear you. You will find someone who might see you and your concerns through a different lens that allows you to find new ways to manage your life. Therapy is not something to fear. It is a gift you give yourself. The relationship between you and your therapist is unlike any other relationship you will ever have. So take a chance. Jump in and see where this amazing process can take you. SHIFT HAPPENS. That's my promise

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